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Can’t find parts for your Rare or Obsolete Vehicle?

Rare, Discontinued and Obsolete Parts Experts at your service!

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The Search

Just because your local auto parts store or online retailer doesn't sell parts for your rare or obsolete automobile doesn't necessarily mean the items aren't available. Here at Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding we have been in the business as a family owned retail center and warehouse for over 73 years servicing customers with classic cars. We have a vast inventory and not every item is listed on our site mainly because of time it takes to convert all the old inventory of rare, discontinued or obsolete parts from stock to catalog interchange.


The Solution

This is where a Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding can save the day: we partner with manufacturers and are an in-house rebuilder of specialty auto parts, including steering and suspension to engine components, fuel systems, brake parts, and more. We can offer that rare or obsolete part when other stores can't, and we can sell it or rebuild it at a much lower price than you'd expect. Besides that, wouldn’t you like to have your original numbers matching part put back on your classic car? Don’t replace it with an aftermarket when we can turn the old into new again. All our rebuilds come with a 5 year warranty to back up our work.


Your Next Step

Stop wasting time trying to find items - use the time repairing and restoring your project instead. Do what major restoration shops have done for years. Call Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding. Let us do the work for you. Do one last search on our page. If it’s not there contact us or send it in. Check out our rebuilding parts section for more information.