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Carburetor Rebuilding Service:

When Rebuilding the original is the best way to go!

A multitude of decisions must be made whenever the restoration of a classic or muscle car is undertaken. In most cases, choosing to rebuild individual parts rather than to replace them is the best course, especially when conducting a true restoration when correctness and originality are considerations. This is especially true when the car being restored has nearly all its original parts still intact. At Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding we specialize in rebuilding matching numbers parts for classic cars and trucks to help you keep that classic matched and on the road to handle today's modern fuels.

With the alcohol that has been added to most of our gasoline, carburetors are often the first part on the engine to suffer. Alcohol attacks the old style materials that were not alcohol resistant. Grit, dirt and other contaminants found in todays gas stations just add more misery to the situation.  This can cause carburetor failure.

Another problem is that the new alcohol gas tends to break down faster than non-alcohol gas. This can cause problems due to the gummy substance that is formed when the fuel breaks down. It can plug fuel lines, fuel pumps and carburetors. In addition, it can cause intake & exhaust valves to stick, causing bent pushrods and other problems.

Original carburetors were made specially for the engine size, vehicle type and option it came with from the factory. Over the counter carburetors are not they are made to fit a several years of different vehicles engine sizes and time frame. By rebuilding your original matching numbers and date coded carburetor you are assuring yourself that the correct fitment and linkage is right back where it started.  One of the key points in rebuilding your OE part.  Never surrender the original! Rebuild it professionally.

If you have purchased a New Old Stock (NOS) carburetor, it is recommended that it be rebuilt before attempting to use it.  We are always here to help.

GM Rochester Carburetor Rebuilding - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis Missouri  Carter AFB Carburetor Rebuilding - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis MissouriCarburetor Rebuilding - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis Missouri

Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding specializes in rebuilding all types of Carburetors used on classic and antique cars from 1927 to 1987.  We are one of the oldest rebuilders in the Midwest with over 73 years in the rebuilding business. We do rebuilds for many classic car restoration companies around the country and for individuals that are sent in so we do our best to give you the fastest turn around possible based on the number of units coming in daily.

Every Carburetor is completely disassembled, cleaned in our Ultrasonic cleaner, all parts are thoroughly checked and replaced if needed, and a new kit is then installed with any new parts. After reassembly the carburetor is then installed on a live engine for a wet test, and checked for proper operation. We make sure that the idle mixture screws are adjusting the way they should and the accelerator pump is giving a good squirt of fuel and the fuel level doesn’t overflow. Carburetors are set to a known good running engine, but some adjustment will be necessary to tune it to your vehicle

We have the ability to manufacture some parts in house to replace worn out or broken items. Some carburetors come to us in a rusted unusable condition and we find it necessary to glass bead blast them in our blast cabinet.

We are a old time rebuilding shop that builds and restores original carburetors with all it's original parts one at a time. Our policy is not to exchange carburetors but to rebuild your carburetor so you have a carburetor that was originally matched for your vehicle. If you are looking for a carburetor rebuilder that is far above the rest in quality, workmanship, parts and customer service with one of the lowest comeback rates in the industry then were the one for you.

We offer quick turn-around time based on condition of the carburetor along with a 5 year warranty.

GM Rochester Carburetor Rebuilding - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis MissouriExotic Car Carburetor rebuilding Weber Carb - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis MissouriCarter 1 BBl Carburetor Rebuilding - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis Missouri

Effective March 1, 2019, the following fuel pump restoration prices are in effect---these prices apply to our complete kits, professional rebuilds and warrantied restorations:

Rochester Carburetor R&R Service Price xx Carter Carburetor R&R Service Price:
1 barrel B,C, BV                                 Most models $225.00   1 barrel BB                                                      Most models $260.00
1 barrel H, HV                                    Most models $235.00   1 barrel BBS,RBS,W-1,WA-1, WE,WO               Most models $260.00
1 barrel M,MV,1ME,1MV                  Most models $225.00   1 barrel YF,YFA non Computer $260.00
2 barrel 2G,2GC,2GE,2GV $265.00   1 barrel YF,YFA Computer $270.00
2 barrel 2MC,2ME Dual Jet  / 4 bl style body  $325.00   2 barrel BBD non Computer                              Most models $270.00
2 barrel Vari jet non Computer $235.00   2 barrel BBD Computer                                     Most models $270.00
2 barrel Vari Jet  Computer $265.00   2 barrel WCD,WGD                                            Most models $280.00
2 barrel Dual Jet non Computer $229.00   4 barrel WCFB                                                   Most models $340.00
2 barrel Dual jet Computer $315.00   4 barrel AFB, AVS                                              Most models $320.00
4 barrel 4GC,4G                                Most models $295.00   4 barrel TQ (Thermoquad) non Electric vent      Most models $330.00
4 barrel QuadraJet    All  non Computer $295.00   4 barrel TQ (Thermoquad) Electric vent  $330.00
4 barrel QuadraJet   All Computer $335.00   All Others Contact us  
Ford / Motorcraft Carburetor R&R Service Price   Holley Carburetor R&R Service Price
1 barrel 1100   $225.00   1 barrel 1940,1945,1946,6145 non Computer       Most models $225.00
2 barrel 2100,2150 non Computer  Most models $235.00   1 barrel  Computer $225.00
2 barrel 2100,2150 Computer $235.00   2 barrel 740 (motorcraft) (Escort) $235.00
2 barrel 2100,2150 jeep non Computer $235.00   2 barrel AA-1,852,2100,2110       Most models $235.00
4 barrel 4100 or (Autolite) Most models $295.00   2 barrel 2209,2210,2245              Most models $235.00
4 barrel 4300,4350 (motorcraft 4 barrel) Most models $300.00   2 barrel 2280 $235.00
4 barrel ( Tea Pot ) Most models $335.00   2 barrel 2300,C,CE,2380 EG  $235.00
      2 barrel 6280C $245.00
      4 barrel 3160,4150,G,EG,4160,C   ( Spread bore) $300.00
      4 barrel 4165,4175 $300.00
      4 barrel 4180,C,EG,4190EG           (Ford Holley) $300.00
      4 barrel ( Tea Pot )    Most models $340.00
Stromberg Carburetor     R&R Service Price   Foreign Car Carburetors R&R Service Price
2 barrel WW         Most models $235.00   2 barrel Carbs. Hit. Nikki.Asian.  $300.00
2 barrel W WC     Most models $235.00   2 barrel Carbs. Elec.Hit. Nikki. Asian,keihn $300.00
For all other Stromberg's please call for price     2 barrel Mikuni Non.Elec.  2.0 / 2.6 $390.00
4 barrel QuadraJet   All Computer $335.00   All Others Contact us



Pricing is based on cost of the kit plus the labor time involved so contact us via our Rebuild Quote or Contact us via phone @ 314-385-1830

We are located in St Louis, Missouri.  Please package up your carburetors as tightly as possible and enclosed in a zip lock 1 gallon storage bag when shipping!

Make sure all gasoline is emptied from the unit prior to shipping!!!


Rebuidling Carburetors for:

AMC, Auburn, Alpha Romeo, Austin-Healey, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Cord, Desoto, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, GMC, Hudson, Hupmobile, International, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maseratti, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Morgan, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Peugeot, Pierce-Arrow, Plymouth, Pontiac, Rambler, Range Rover, Shelby, Studebaker, Stutz, Sunbeam, Triumph, Volvo, Willys




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