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Mechanical Fuel Pump Rebuilding Service:

When Rebuilding the original is the best way to go!

A multitude of decisions must be made whenever the restoration of a classic or muscle car is undertaken. In most cases, choosing to rebuild individual parts rather than to replace them is the best course, especially when conducting a true restoration when correctness and originality are considerations. This is especially true when the car being restored has nearly all its original parts still intact. At Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding we specialize in rebuilding matching numbers parts for classic cars and trucks to help you keep that classic matched and on the road to handle today's modern fuels.

With the alcohol that has been added to most of our gasoline, fuel pumps are often the first part on the engine to suffer. Alcohol attacks the old style rubber diaphragm materials that were not alcohol resistant. This can cause fuel pump failure. If you have purchased a New Old Stock (NOS) fuel pump, it is recommended that the diaphragm is replaced before attempting to use it.

Another problem is that the new alcohol gas tends to break down faster than non-alcohol gas. This can cause problems due to the gummy substance that is formed when the fuel breaks down. It can plug fuel lines, fuel pumps and carburetors. In addition, it can cause intake & exhaust valves to stick, causing bent pushrods and other problems.

Fuel Pump Rebuilding Service - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis Missouri  Fuel Pump Rebuild Diagram - Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding St Louis Missouri

Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding specializes in rebuilding single and double action mechanical fuel pumps used on classic and antique cars from 1927 to 1970.  We are one of the oldest rebuilders in the Midwest with over 73 years in the rebuilding business. We do rebuilds for many classic car restoration companies around the country and for individuals that are sent in so we do our best to give you the fastest turn around possible based on the number of units coming in daily.

Our fuel pump rebuilding service includes rebuilding for classic and antique cars, trucks, tractors, industrial application such as fork lifts, and boats and marine applications. We rebuild AC Fuel Pumps, Airtex Fuel Pumps, and Blackstone Fuel Pumps, Carter fuel pumps and Stewart Warner fuel pumps.  At this time, we cannot service the crimp together type fuel pumps.

We only use American made components and modern materials compatible with todays fuels. Our Diaphragms are made to our specifications and are ethanol compliant for todays modern gas.

During your fuel pump rebuild/restoration, the pump will be completely disassembled, and all the parts that should be replaced, like diaphragms, valves, rocker arm axles, oil seals, etc. are replaced. All parts used during your fuel pump rebuild/restoration are new production, made in the U.S.A., and have the highest resistance possible to today's fuels.

We offer quick turn-around time along with a 5 year warranty.

Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding - Mechanical Fuel Pump RebuildersFuel Pump Rebuild single action mechanical pump - Crown Auto Parts and Rebuilding St Louis Missouri

Effective March 1, 2019, the following fuel pump restoration prices are in effect---these prices apply to our complete kits, professional rebuilds and warrantied restorations:

  • Single Action: $80 - $110.00, plus $15.00 return shipping
  • Double Action: $120 - $160.00, plus $18.00 return shipping
  • Single Action Carter: $175.00, plus $15.00 return shipping
  • Double Action Carter: $200.00, plus $18.00 return shipping

Pricing is based on cost of the kit plus the labor time involved so contact us via our Rebuild Quote or Contact us via phone @ 314-385-1830


Rebuilding Pumps for:

AMC, Auburn, Alpha Romeo, Austin-Healey, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Cord, Desoto, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hudson, Hupmobile, International, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Morgan, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Peugeot, Pierce-Arrow, Plymouth, Pontiac, Rambler, Range Rover, Renault, Rolls Royce, Rover, Saab, Studebaker, Stutz, Sunbeam, Triumph, Volvo, Willys




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